SuperView 4K Multiviewer Offers Abundant Content for UHD Displays

RGB Spectrum is proud to announce the release of SuperView 4K, a real-time multiviewer designed specifically for "Ultra HD" monitors and projectors. An Ultra HD display device (also known as a 4K display) has a native resolution of eight megapixels (3840x2160), four times the resolution of HD video. To experience the beauty of an eight megapixel palette, imagine four HD monitors placed edge to edge with the bezels removed.

When combined with an Ultra HD monitor or projector, the SuperView 4K processor creates a new kind of multiviewer, able to display multiple images at full resolution. Based on RGB Spectrum's high performance, real-time architecture, users can display and manipulate native 4K images, a combination of 4K and high-definition (1920x1080) windows, or up to eight HD graphic or video windows on a single Ultra HD device.

The SuperView 4K multiviewer unlocks your creativity with a full array of features. These include dynamic window sizing and positioning, input grouping, smooth panning and zooming, custom borders and titles, HDCP support and programmable presets. Images can be arranged anywhere on an Ultra HD display - in any size, with or without overlaps, and with any desired priority. For control applications, the SuperView 4K multiviewer offers SinglePoint KvM™ control of computer sources displayed on the Ultra HD device.

Connectivity to Ultra HD devices is accomplished via single-link or dual-link DVI. The SuperView 4K processor supports graphic signals to 1920x1200, HD video inputs to 2048x1080, and Ultra HD signals. Control is provided via RS-232 commands or through the system's Web Control Panel (WCP), an intuitive graphical user interface accessible with any web browser.

Jed Deame, Vice President of Marketing for RGB Spectrum, commented on the release of the SuperView 4K processor. "The SuperView 4K turns an Ultra HD display into a remarkably versatile and high quality multiviewer," said Deame. "The SuperView 4K processor is ready today with a solution for both HD and Ultra HD multiviewing on these spectacular new displays."

Meeting today's demand for the highest resolution possible, the SuperView 4K multiviewer delivers unequalled reliability, robustness and creativity - with eight million pixels of high-quality performance at your fingertips.

For further information about the SuperView 4K multiviewer, or to submit inquiries for SuperView 4K applications, please email

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