Space Center Monitors Its Launches with MediaWall 2500

RGB Spectrum's technology partner, VIJU Sweden, recently completed the installation of a MediaWall® 2500 display processor at Swedish Space Corporation's (SSC) launch facility Esrange Space Center.

The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) is a comprehensive space company covering the entire field, from the definition of innovative business concepts and space projects to the development, tests and operation of the systems. SSC designs, develops and tests various types of space systems - satellites, sounding rockets, space subsystems and experiment equipment for research in microgravity. Thirty years' experience of designing comprehensive space missions and delivering them in orbit, in close cooperation with the users, makes SSC unique as prime contractor in space technology. SSC also designs, develops and installs maritime surveillance systems that are used by coast guard authorities around the world and offers reliable solutions for satellite operations worldwide.

In 1966 the Esrange Space Center was inaugurated in Kiruna and the first rocket launch took place before year-end. The Swedish Space Corporation purchased the Center in 1972. Since then there have been over 500 rocket launches and 500 balloon launches.

SSC is now investing in new technology to monitor rocket and balloon launch missions. Previous control rooms were built around individual PCs and their monitors plus video monitors for the launch pad cameras. The new control room was designed for efficient, flexible, uncluttered viewing. The focal point of the control room is a 2x3 LCD array, with each panel offering 1920x1080P resolution. A MediaWall 2500 display processor drives the array. Connected to the MediaWall processor are the computers that display maps, spreadsheets and other essential launch data as well as video inputs for the launch pad cameras as well as broadcast and DVD feeds. Control of the display is facilitated through the MediaWall's WCP (Web Control Panel) which provides an easy method for creating and recalling presets as well as changes in the display walls appearance as circumstances dictate.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the display system is enhanced by RGB Spectrum's exclusive Integrated Control System. This KVM system offers a unified system for the display and control of computers and computer controlled cameras. Using direct connection for the video coupled with IP connection of the keyboard and mouse functions, this hybrid solution allows for the benefits of both high quality video transport and flexible control. Video quality, including resolution, response time, and frame rate is dramatically superior to alternatives relying on video over IP. The system is operated with a single mouse controlling an on-screen cursor, with an optional keyboard for data entry. The novel hybrid approach coupled with the equally novel user interface offers seamless, real-time control and unparalleled responsiveness.

A number of factors were considered in the choice of the MediaWall 2500. According to Ola Widell, project leader for the new control room, "The MediaWall 2500 is for us an important tool. Its flexible image handling allows us to display pictures from our liftoffs in an efficient and useful manner." The MediaWall fulfilled all the demands placed on it by the control room designers. A key reason for selecting the MediaWall," Widell explains, "is the value proposition of price vs. performance. The fact that MediaWall is a pure hardware solution with no software or PC maintenance issues was of real importance."

Viju is headquartered in Goteburg, Sweden and is a provider of advanced communications and visualization solutions. Viju continues to work towards a shared goal of becoming the leading source of cutting-edge visualization and interactivity solutions in Northwestern Europe by 2010.

RGB Spectrum is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-critical, real-time audio-visual solutions for a civilian, government, and military client base. The company offers integrated hardware, software, and control systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Since 1987, RGB Spectrum has been dedicated to helping its customers achieve Better Decisions. Faster.