Sony Utilizes SuperView Technology at Facility in Barcelona

The Sony Corporation's Television and Video Projection facility located in Barcelona, Spain recently upgraded their the multi-purpose presentation room used for customer receptions, product announcements, and special events.

The SuperView® 3000 processor was chosen for its real time multi display functionality. The processor's real time processing for both video and high-resolution computer signals made it ideal for this room. Additionally, the ability to save settings and window positions as "presets" met their functional requirements.

A combination of camera feeds, DVD players, video conferencing feeds, and computer signals (PDFs and static images) are fed into two SuperView 3000-6 processors and arranged in windows for display on a DNP ViewFlex 100" screen. The processors then output the combined signals to projectors. An AMX touch panel controls the whole display system, including the signal switching to the processors via an Autopatch switcher. Each SuperView processor displays from one to twelve signals as required. All this adds up to an advanced audiovisual solution that is very user-friendly.

The SuperView multi-input display processor accepts up to twelve real-time inputs and displays the combined output on a single high-resolution monitor or projector. The window inputs can be NTSC or PAL composite component or S-video, and high resolution analog RGB with up to 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution. Each window can be independently positioned, scaled to full screen, overlaid with computer graphics or overlapped with other windows. Additionally, the user can pan and zoom within each video image.

The Sony Corporation is a major worldwide manufacturer of audio, video and semiconductors. They are headquartered in Japan, but they can be accessed on their global site: or their Spanish website:

The installer of this project has been the Systems Integrator Monleon Electronica, located in Barcelona, with the support of Comm-Tec.

Comm-Tec is a distributor for Spain and Portugal of AV solutions for systems integrators. The Comm-Tec portfolio also includes the representative distribution for high level manufacturers of integration solutions, including AMX remote control systems, Alcorn McBride for AV show integration, DNP as a retroprojection solutions provider, etc. They also include other manufacturers for AV facilities such as Wolfvision, Autopatch, Altinex, Da-lite, etc. Comm-Tec can be reached on the Internet at

RGB Spectrum® is a leading designer and manufacturer of videographic and multimedia hardware subsystems. Products include the View™ family of video windowing systems, the RGB/Videolink® line of scan converters, the DGx™ digital recording system, Quadra® universal scaler and synchronizer, SynchroMaster® keyers and overlayers and SuperWall™, ComputerWall® and MediaWall® multi-screen display controllers. RGB Spectrum is based in Alameda, California, and can be reached at 510-814-7000 and on the internet at

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