RGB Spectrum's Multiviewers Improve Situational Awareness for Missile Defense System Operators

The Swedish Armed Forces utilizes an advanced ground-to-air defense missile system, the RBS 23 BAMSE manufactured by Swedish company Saab Bofors Dynamics. The BAMSE system is designed to combat a wide range of threats, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, unmanned aircraft, air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles, anti-radiation missiles, and guided bombs. It offers a target range exceeding 10 miles and coverage to an altitude up to 50,000 feet.

The BAMSE battery comprises a Surveillance Coordination Center (SCC) and two to four Missile Control Centers (MCC). The mobile truck-transported SCC system can be deployed and prepared for firing in less than ten minutes and can coordinate MCCs up to 10 miles away. The SCC automatically selects the optimum missile control center to engage the target and disseminates target data.

The MCC, operated by a crew of one or two, executes continuous real-time threat evaluation and combat coordination, including target acquisition, identification, tracking and prioritization. It is housed in armored vehicles designed to be protected from projectiles and nuclear, biological, and chemical threats.

The MCC is also equipped with embedded simulators allowing training and mission planning using a large library of simulation scenarios.

The operator consoles require the real-time display of graphics and video imagery in a correlated arrangement. To fulfill this mission critical requirement, Saab Bofors Dynamics equips the BAMSE MCC consoles with RGB Spectrum's RGB/View® multiviewers.

The RGB Spectrum multiviewer is a compact VME board that displays multiple computer and video imagery on a single console monitor. It is fed multiple high resolution computer and video inputs and combines these in real-time on the operator's console screen. The computer imagery includes target data, maps, weapons control and ordnance data, and system status information on searching, tracking and missile status. Video imagery consists of thermal imaging and targeting video. The multiviewer consolidates the various input signals and resizes them to fit the console monitor. Signals are displayed in windows that can be scaled to any size and placed anywhere on the screen. RGB Spectrum's multiviewers are available in both stand-alone and VME board configurations.

The multiviewer's advanced de-interlacing delivers excellent vertical resolution and motion characteristics. It has proven to be a powerful visualization tool that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the BAMSE system operation.

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