RGB Spectrum's Advanced Display Processor Is Enlisted for Real Time Monitoring of the U.S. Border

RGB Spectrum has been awarded a contract by the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Customs and Border Protection to provide advanced visualization technologies to enhance U.S. border security. Tony Spica Jr., Vice President of Sales for RGB Spectrum explained, "The mission critical situation room is designed to integrate real time monitoring from video surveillance with a variety of other media to provide a comprehensive situational awareness picture to Border Patrol agents. A key criteria in the room specification was the ability to display many different input signals on one large screen and be able to manipulate these images so that agents zero in on specific areas and data as the situation dictates. The display system was also required to provide high resolution output quality and support HDTV."

"RGB Spectrum's SuperView 3000 multiple window display processor was chosen for the situation room display system. The SuperView 3000 processor supports all the signal types needed, RGB computer, composite video, and S-Video, and provides high quality DVI output. The SuperView switches amongst all inputs and displays them in windows on a single screen. Operators have the flexibility to manipulate these windows so they can tailor the display configuration. The SuperView also has the versatility to support other signal formats down the road as their display needs grow."

The SuperView processor receives a variety of computer and video feeds. Computer inputs include seismic, infrared, and magnetic sensor data, visible and infrared surveillance video from remote-controlled cameras digitized by PCs, PowerPoint presentations, and pre-recorded DVR video streams. It also receives video inputs from a PictureTel video teleconferencing system, VCR and DVD evidence video, HDTV "off air" broadcast, digital satellite broadcast, and local television.

The SuperView processor combines these multiple inputs and outputs them to an HDTV-ready Sony 50-inch KE-50 XBR 900 plasma display in the unit's 16:9 aspect ratio and 1024x768 native resolution. Situation room personnel operate the SuperView processor with a dedicated PC running RGB Spectrum's Virtual Control Panel (VCP) Windows-based GUI application. Personnel use VCP to customize display settings, position and size display windows, select pre-set display configurations, and choose input sources.

Spica continued, "SuperView offers flexible window manipulation capability. Display windows can be any size, from a small thumbnail to full screen, and the windows can be moved around anywhere. This is a powerful capability enabling personnel to enlarge a window and to focus on a particular area."

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The SuperView™ 3000RT combines multiple computer and video inputs on a single screen, allowing personnel to monitor in real time. The SuperView displays up to 12 video and computer windows on a single screen. Inputs can be NTSC or PAL composite, component, or S-Video, and high resolution RGB with up to 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution. All SuperView windowed inputs can be independently positioned, scaled from icon size to full screen, overlaid with computer graphics, and overlapped with other display windows. Additionally, the user can pan and zoom within each video image to focus on a particular area of interest.

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