RGB Spectrum Release 3.2 Offers a Host of New MediaWall Features

RGB Spectrum's MediaWall® processors are designed for high-end image processing in the most demanding applications and rigorous conditions. Their architecture enables real-time video operation with extreme accuracy - no dropped frames or pixels and a rich feature set including HDCP compliance, edge-blending support and even KVM control of computers displayed.

RGB Spectrum is delivering a brand-new bundle of features and enhancements in Release 3.2 for the MediaWall 4200 and 4500 models. These include the ability to group inputs from a multi-headed PC, to display an input in two windows, HDCP downstream repeaters for edge-blending protected content, pre-defined window layout templates to suit a wide range of wall configurations, and the ability to sync the display clock to network time servers. Release 3.2 also improves ease of use and reduces boot time to under two minutes.

RGB Spectrum® is a leader in videographic and decision support system technologies. Products include the View™ family of video windowing systems, MediaWall® multi-screen display controllers, Linx™ matrix switchers, DGy™ digital recording system, DSx™ H.264 streaming and recording codecs, MultiPoint KvM™ control room decision support systems, and SynchroMaster® keyers and overlayers.