RGB Spectrum Powers the Canon Command Center at Canon Expo 2015

Once every five years, Canon U.S.A. organizes a world-class gathering of their subsidiaries and divisions designed to showcase their current products and future innovation. This year, the Canon EXPO 2015 was held in New York City with the help of technology from RGB Spectrum.

Canon brought together their most powerful products, most cutting-edge innovations and most inspirational ideas for one exhibition. The result was a showcase of the ways they strive to improve the lives of all who interact with their brand. From consumers to universities, businesses to hospitals, and stadiums to movie sets, people were able to see the power of Canon.

In the Imaging Journey pavilion Canon demonstrated their advanced video technologies including security products from Milestone Systems, Axis Communications and Canon Network Video Solutions. At the core of the pavilion was the Canon Command Center where over 100 security cameras throughout the entire Exposition converged into a state of art security operations center powered by a RGB Spectrum Galileo video wall processor.

“The RGB Spectrum Galileo video processor allowed us to combine the display from several Milestone Xprotect SmartWall clients streaming video from the Canon Network Video cameras onto one massive 2x7 video wall,” said Jay Skye, Senior Specialist for Systems Integration at Canon U.S.A.. “The Command Center was the centerpiece of the pavilion and allowed us to show how all Canon security products could be easily combined together for seamless interoperability.”

In addition to security cameras, there were also video feeds from Canon professional cameras coming from the baseball stadium in the next pavilion, and 4K media playing from files stored on the Galileo processor itself. All of this content was displayed on a video wall with over 28 million pixels supporting borders, labels, and scalable windows.

The Canon Command Center also served as the stage for twice hourly multimedia presentations about Canon’s security products offering. During these presentations the RGB Spectrum Galileo display processor changed purposes from running security operations to become a highly effective digital presentation system.

“The versatility of the RGB Spectrum Galileo system allowed us to showcase our products in exactly the way we wanted, quickly switching from control room, to presentation, and back,” Skye continued. “Throughout the entire Exposition, the RGB Spectrum Galileo never missed a beat delivering beautiful images from all of the security cameras as well as product presentations. The switching times were fast and the scaling of images was fluid.”

Thanks to Galileo’s advanced scripting and processing capabilities, Canon was able to automate all of the transitions between the layouts of the wall, and even added a countdown timer window to the wall indicating time remaining to the next presentation.

Canon Expo 2015 recently was rendered into a “virtual expo” where each pavilion was filmed in high definition. By visiting the Imaging Journey pavilion you will be able to view the Canon Command Center and see the RGB Spectrum Galileo processor as it looked at the Expo. Visit the site at to learn more.

While touring the virtual expo, be sure to visit all of the other pavilions where Canon demonstrated technologies from medical imaging to color printing to virtual reality. Truly at Canon Expo 2015 it was possible to SEE IMPOSSIBLE.

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