RGB Spectrum’s Galileo Video Wall Processor Improves Control Room SCADA Operations

Round Rock Texas Water Treatment SCADA video wall

Round Rock, Texas’s Water Treatment Plant ensures vital water safety and delivery for the city and surrounding community. To ensure water quality, the plant must scrupulously monitor, regulate and eliminate contaminants in the water supply.

The core of the water treatment operations is a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system which monitors levels of chemicals and toxins throughout the water treatment process. The automated system gathers critical info from logging points, analyzes it and presents it graphically for ease of comprehension. Operators can identify where problems are occurring in the system in real time.

The previous control room display system, installed over a decade ago, used small, low-resolution monitors inadequate for the current scale of operations. Water Treatment Plant management deemed that it was time to upgrade and enhance the room’s display system to improve operational efficiency and overall system performance.

The solution entailed deploying a six-screen video wall powered by RGB Spectrum’s Galileo video wall processor. The larger video wall, with higher resolution and improved clarity makes it much easier for operators to monitor and control the plant’s SCADA system.

The video processor receives feeds from the plant’s SCADA system, including flowmeter data, process control visuals, water chemistry measurements, and surveillance cameras. With this information, operators can identify problems like leaks, overflows or chemical imbalances. The video processor consolidates this information to provide a centralized, correlated view of operations. Information is displayed in windows of any size, anywhere on the video wall. If necessary, operators can instantly switch and route sources to preset display layouts.

The Galileo processor delivers a superior video wall viewing experience, with real-time throughput and exceptional 4K image quality, unlike lesser systems that can drop frames or cause image tearing. It supports an extensive range of baseband video and IP-based inputs, including analog, Video-over-IP streams, DVI/HDMI®, and 3G/HD-SDI.

Miranda Whiteard, Water Treatment Plant SCADA Specialist, commented, “The new Galileo-based system reduces viewing strain and enhances operator performance. It has the effect of reducing operator response time where action is necessary.


Systems Integrator Control Panels USA, in Austin, Texas, installed the new Galileo-based video wall in Round Rock, Texas’s Water Treatment Plant Control Room.

Galileo processor capabilities go well beyond display. It offers the ability to communicate and collaborate with local and remote colleagues by sending visual content anywhere in the world. Operators can select the entire video wall or any region of interest to be encoded as an IP stream for transmission across an Ethernet network. In addition, any connected video signal can be encoded and distributed to remote recipients.

For larger installations, a single Galileo processor can drive multiple video walls or additional displays, within the same or other rooms throughout a facility.

Whiteard, concluded, “We are very pleased. The Galileo delivers great image quality, high performance, and excellent reliability, meeting our mission-critical needs. Our overall evaluation is 10 out of 10.”

The Galileo video display processor is an ideal solution for mission-critical environments, including emergency operations centers, security operations centers, control rooms, command centers, traffic management facilities, and network operations centers. The video display processor forms the backbone to a decision support system, part of RGB Spectrum’s commitment to collaborative decision making.

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Round Rock, Texas’s Water Treatment Plant provides water services in and around the city, including several Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) outside city limits. In 1981, the city opened its first surface water treatment plant. Today, the water plant is capable of treating 52 million gallons per day. It is a state-of-the-art facility, outfitted with the most modern equipment and advanced technology. For more information, visit

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