RGB Spectrum Entertains the "Technically Astute" Traveler

World-class hotels are constantly looking for ways to attract travelers to their lobbies. The challenge lies in presenting an experience that causes heads to turn. Tech savvy travelers are looking for not only interesting content but also compelling display technology. Multi-tasking is now a common skill among the sophisticated, so viewing multiple images simultaneously is a desirable feature.

The MediaWall 2900 processor's power and flexibility enables the display of up to eight HD sources simultaneously. Typically, four are displayed simultaneously; occasionally one program will be scaled to fill the entire display wall. System content sources include four Direct TV satellite tuners, a BluRay player and one or more laptop computers. BluRay copy protected programming is viewable on the wall because the MW2900 processor is fully HDCP compliant.

The RGB Spectrum video wall exceeded the customer requirement for "lightening quick transitions" from quad to single views and back. Visually, HD video reproduction is excellent regardless of the how it is displayed. In the end, the customer's desire to create a viewing environment to satisfy the "technically astute" and deliver the "wow factor" was accomplished.

About RGB Spectrum

We design and manufacture video processing, control and display solutions for defense, aerospace, corporate, medical, government, security, education, and industrial applications. Our extensible, secure and powerful video wall processors, multiviewers and AV-over-IP systems are part of visual infrastructure around the world, but most importantly, our products empower you to make better decisions, faster.