RGB Spectrum Enhances Situational Awareness in Shanghai

As China's economy expands, a reliable and efficient power system is critical to the country's economic growth. Concurrent with that growth, Chinese electric utilities such as Shanghai Power have become more mature with regard to their selection of efficient control room monitoring solutions. Key decision factors in the evaluation process include reliability, real-time monitoring, and the ability to scale the overall system without impacting performance. In today's advanced control rooms, where accurate and prompt decisions take priority, low performance products are no longer acceptable.

With the advancement of high definition display technology and today's new generation of intelligent monitoring solutions, China's electric utilities have re-directed their focus on new ways to improve network control and efficient power distribution. To that end, RGB Spectrum's MediaWall® 4200 display processor was recently integrated by Shanghai Power at their new Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

At Shanghai Power, the MediaWall 4200 functions as the engine for the EOC's Power Quality Management System (PQMS) - a remarkable high definition, multi-projector curved display. The PQMS collects data from multiple applications and displays that information in a clear, multi-window format - yet all on one large, seamless screen. This wide-area configuration provides all personnel with a high degree of situational awareness, and provides a collaborative environment in which EOC's skilled operators can easily change layouts and content in response to specific situations. Even when the maximum number of windows are displayed, information is always presented in real time, with no dropped frames.

PowerVision is the prime system integrator for the Shanghai Power installation. The Project Manager commented on the company's evaluation process, and the importance of selecting the right solution. "We went through many different systems but we found that RGB's MediaWall 4200 was the only product that met our requirement for displaying twelve windows plus a background on a single screen - and all in real time. We also found the RGB system to be the most user-friendly and the easiest to set up, without sacrificing any powerful features. The system also integrates easily via IP or RS-232, and RGB has an excellent reputation for 24/7 reliability. Overall, this is the best system we evaluated, and for Shanghai Power, the MediaWall 4200 continues to perform exactly as needed, and so much more."

"Both nationally and internationally, our fundamental goal is meeting and exceeding requirements," said Bob Marcus, CEO of RGB Spectrum. "Shanghai Power's selection of the MediaWall 4200 for their new EOC truly underscores how our products offer creative and collaborative solutions across multiple industries."

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