RGB Spectrum Announces the MultiPoint External Desktop Agent For Secure Control Room Computer Control

RGB Spectrum, the world leader in videographic processing technology for control rooms, conference rooms, operating rooms and defense, today announced MultiPoint External Desktop Agent (EDA), which is being demonstrated at Infocomm 2010. The MultiPoint EDA is a key component of the MultiPoint KvM™ solution and functions as a KVM emulator, obviating the need for KVM client software on controlled computers. Designed with the stringent security requirements of government and military organizations in mind, it is suitable for use in any control room.

The small, compact device converts KVM control signals sent from a centrally located computer via Ethernet to USB or PS/2, and then passes the simulated keyboard and mouse events to the client computer. It is designed to be connected in-line at the back of each source computer, and can be suspended by the connecting cable. The EDA is a plug-and-play device, requiring no configuration.

The EDA has a single RJ-45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connector at one end and a pigtailed set of connectors at the other end, comprised of a USB type-A cable connector and a pair of PS/2 style mini-DIN cable connectors. It will be available in two versions: with all connectors and PS/2 only. The EDA is powered via USB or PS/2, eliminating the need to run a dedicated power cable.

The EDA is part of the MultiPoint KvM solution, which addresses the needs of control rooms in a variety of industries, including utilities, transportation, security, military, and government. The solution significantly improves control room personnel's ability to display, manipulate, and act on information from any position in the room.

MultiPoint KvM builds on RGB Spectrum's RGB/DVI switching, video wall processing, and video streaming solutions. MultiPoint KvM supports switching and display of uncompressed, high-resolution, digitized graphics and video at resolutions of up to 2048 by 1200 pixels. This makes it ideal for demanding applications requiring visualization of fine-grain details, such as geographic information systems.

MultiPoint KvM allows multiple users to manipulate resources simultaneously. The number of control positions is determined by the capacity of the switcher. Up to 32 positions are supported on the Linx 3200/3300.

The system's collaboration feature improves workflow and sharing of resources across control positions and platforms. Users can hand off and request control, or simply exercise source computer viewing privileges. Enforced control is also implemented, for example, to allow senior personnel to take immediate control of resources.

KlickSimple navigation goes beyond typical single computer control. It offers a seamless method of controlling multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard, using only the mouse for selecting computers and providing control.

MultiPoint KvM consists of a hybrid infrastructure using DVI for video distribution and Ethernet for control signals. DVI offers the equivalent of 5 Gbps per video stream. As a consequence, high quality video and graphics can be displayed at full resolution and frame rate, exceeding the capabilities of pure IP implementations. The solution also offers the flexibility inherent to IP for features such as collaboration, navigation, remote monitoring, and user management.

About RGB Spectrum

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