RGB Spectrum and JVC Professional to Demonstrate an 8 MP Multiviewer

RGB Spectrum and JVC Professional will provide attendees of InfoComm 2013 with an opportunity to experience the new SuperViewTM 4K, a real-time multiviewer designed specifically for 4K or "Ultra HD" displays. To illustrate the impressive capabilities of a 4K multiviewer, RGB Spectrum's exhibit will demonstrate a working system using a JVC Pro 84-inch 4K UltraHD monitor.

The powerful SuperView 4K multiviewer on an Ultra HD monitor can display images with a native resolution of up to eight megapixels (3840x2160)-four times higher than HD video. The multiviewer's high-performance, real-time architecture allows users to display and manipulate native 4K images, a combination of 4K and HD (1920x1080) windows, or up to eight HD graphic or video windows on an Ultra HD display like JVC's stunning new 84" panel.

"We are pleased that RGB Spectrum has chosen our 4K UltraHD monitor to demonstrate their SuperView 4K multiviewer," remarked Gary Klasmeier, product engineering manager at JVC Professional. "This system provides the perfect platform to view native 4K images along with lower resolution sources in multiple windows. Now applications such as telepresence, board rooms and visual imaging can achieve resolutions 4 times the resolution of full HD on a single panel without the need for multiple monitors."

"The SuperView 4K multiviewer provides a remarkable degree of power, flexibility and value," said Jed Deame, vice president of marketing at RGB Spectrum. "The processor allows Ultra HD panel and projector users to maximize the potential of their displays and creates opportunities for unique video presentations and layouts, including multiple full-resolution HD windows on a single display."

The SuperView 4K multiviewer's enhanced features provide users with a vast array of creative options, including dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth panning and zooming, custom borders and titles, HDCP support and programmable presets. Multiple images can be arranged anywhere on an Ultra HD display-in any size, with or without overlaps, and with any desired priority.

For control applications, the SuperView 4K multiviewer offers RGB Spectrum's SinglePoint KvM™ control of all computer sources displayed.

The SuperView 4K processor can be connected to Ultra HD devices via single-link or dual-link DVI. Control is provided via RS-232 or through the system's Web Control Panel (WCP), an intuitive graphical user interface accessible through a web browser.

The new multiviewer, along with each of RGB's other innovations, will be on display at booth #3600 at InfoComm 2013, June 12-14 in Orlando, Fla.

RGB Spectrum will hold a special training session entitled "An Introduction to 4K in the Professional Marketplace" on Thursday, June 13th from 1-2:30 p.m. in room W221B at InfoComm 2013. This session will review the evolution of 4K technology from its emergence in high-end camera systems to today's consumer and professional 4K displays. Additional topics will include 4K digital cinema projectors and 4K multiviewer technology.

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