The RGB MediaWall 2900 and SuperView 4100 Now Offer a DVI Dual-link Option

DVI Dual link

Keeping up with higher and higher output resolutions can be daunting for even the most sophisticated video wall and multiviewer users. RGB Spectrum stays on top of the market for you, so you can easily deliver the best technology available. Case in point: When Projection Design® introduced a 2560X1600 native resolution projector, RGB was ready with its first DVI Dual-link option for video wall and multiview processors.

Within the DVI Single-link standard the highest resolutions currently in wide use are 1920x1200 and the HD format of 1920x1080. Enter DVI Dual-link and the advent of display resolutions up 2560x1600 (WQXGA). Until very recently, 30 inch LCD panels were the largest available for displaying 2560x1600. Now projectionDesign has introduced the F35 WQXGA DLP® projector with a DVI Dual-link interface and a native resolution of 2560x1600.

RGB Spectrum couples to the projectionDesign output (and future similar products) with a DVI Dual-link option for its MediaWall® 2900 video wall processor and its SuperView® 4100 multiview processor. The MediaWall 2900 offers two DVI Dual-link outputs; the SuperView 4100 needs only one. Both processors support up to 2560x1600 on each output. Eight video-graphic windows can be displayed simultaneously in real-time. Four 720P sources, at native resolution, fit nicely into a single 2560x1600 output. And, for two edge- blended projector applications, the MediaWall 2900 delivers overlapped outputs.

Although there are computer graphic adaptors that support DVI Dual-link output capability, they commonly display only graphics and applications running on a single computer. With the MediaWall 2900 DVI Dual-link processor, multiple videographic sources may be displayed together at any size and position on on one or two screens. Using a four-head graphics adapter, set to 1280x800, on a PC and connecting each output to the MediaWall or SuperView, the result is a pixel-for-pixel match is displayed on the 2560x1600 DVI Dual-link output.

Both the MediaWall 2900 and SuperView 4100 offer a cost-effective solution for large- screen WQXGA projection. RGB Spectrum was the first display processor solution for 4K (8MP) projectors and LCD panels. Display processor technology, built into the MediaWall 2900 and SuperView 4100, offers further value to high-resolution single and multi-screen display systems. As new graphic interfaces and display technologies emerge, RGB will continue be in the forefront of video wall and multiviewer solutions.

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