QuadView HDx Enhances City of Whittier EOC

The City of Whittier, CA recently opened a new multi-room Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located within its main police department complex. Funded by a $500,000 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant, the facility added state-of-the-art equipment that has dramatically improved the ability of city managers and emergency personnel to monitor and respond to disasters or crisis situations. To facilitate decision-making during emergency situations, an RGB Spectrum QuadView HDx Multiviewer enables multiple video and computer sources to be displayed as a single source, which can be routed as required throughout the facility.

The EOC supports two operational modes: presentation and emergency. In the first mode, operators can use individual rooms for demonstration and training. In an emergency situation, however, the rooms are designed to operate together to support collaboration and coordination across government agencies.

The QuadView multiviewer is installed in the Head End room, which houses equipment for all audio and video routing, control processing, and system support. Inputs to the multiviewer include computers, cable tuners, and Blu Ray players. These input signals are processed and displayed on various monitors throughout the facility, including a large multi-screen display located in the main EOC. The interconnected system allows EOC operators to use the multiviewer to transmit information to any individual room in the complex or to all rooms simultaneously.

Integrated Media Systems, the company that designed and installed the system, selected the QuadView multiviewer because it consolidates up to four sources plus a background signal onto one screen. Sources can be labeled, sized and positioned with full flexibility, and operators can use presets to save and recall various layouts as required. The multiviewer provides real-time throughput and 24/7 reliability. These features all enhance the ability of emergency personnel to make time-sensitive decisions during crisis situations.

"The RGB Spectrum QuadView is the "Wow Factor" in this installation," says John Grubin, vice-president of sales and marketing at Integrated Media Systems. "The unit not only increases the number of sources that can be displayed in the EOC's Main Room from 5 to 8, but also greatly increases the flexibility and capabilities of the entire EOC."

The system has been operational since December 2012, and both the integrator and city officials are pleased with the image quality, performance and reliability of the multiviewer.

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