Public Safety Wall in China

Governments around the world are continually investing in new technologies and strategies for managing public safety. An example of a modern command and control center has recently been completed in China. The room features a large 1x3 rear-projection, edge blended video wall capable of displaying a variety of visual resources depending on the situation at hand. The wall can be reconfigured for various situations including public safety, traffic control, sporting and public events, weather and natural disasters.ionwide dealer network.

At the core of the display system is an RGB Spectrum MediaWall® 2000. Six computer graphics sources are displayed simultaneously. The combination of DVI and analog input connections make it possible to select from a multitude of video and computer graphic sources including weather, satellite, traffic information and other real time data.

The MediaWall display processor supplies overlapped digital outputs to a high performance edge-blending system. The rear-projection system is made-up of three live, high-resolution projectors and three back-up units to provide for uninterrupted service. It was determined that the MediaWall did not require a back up due to its robust 24/7 operational capability.

RGB Spectrum's technology and integration partner FICO supplied the design and installation services. Mr. Sunny Qi of FICO remarked about the choice of MediaWall, "Our customer chose RGB because of the excellent image quality and fastest processing without any interruption or loss of frames." With regard to the installation Mr. Qi said, "The ease and simplicity of operation saves us money in an otherwise complex installation."

Because the control room was going to display an extreme range of visual sources, the display processor needed to handle every known computer and video format in use. The MediaWall 2000 was chosen for its ability to accept and lock to the broad range of digital and analog sources being presented.

High on the list of selection criteria was real time performance. In a visual world, some events occur in "the blink of an eye." Lost frames of video translate into missed information that could affect life and death decisions. MediaWall displays every frame of graphic and video information delivered to its inputs. The number or resolution of sources being presented does not affect real time performance.

About RGB Spectrum

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