New South Korean Traffic Management Center Keeps Highway Traffic Flowing

South Korea's fast-paced economy has required aggressive expansion of its automotive transportation infrastructure. The Korean Expressway Corporation (KEC) is the agency responsible for expressway construction, maintenance, and traffic management. To manage system growth, ensure public safety, and keep traffic flowing more efficiently, KEC has constructed a new traffic management center in its Gyeonggi Regional Headquarters in the southwestern Honam region.

Audio visual technology integrator ING Systems, based in Seoul was chosen by KEC to perform the display system design and installation. Tae Young Park, Department Manager for ING Systems, explained, "The Korean Expressway Corporation traffic management center monitors traffic flow and road conditions continuously 24/7. The challenge was to devise a system that could display enough images to effectively cover the monitoring of the overall highway system. We selected RGB Spectrum's 4View™ multi-image display processors as the core of the Center's new display system because it provided the best image quality of any multi-video display processor and is so easy to operate."

"By equipping the facility with eighteen 4View processors, we are able to display seventy-two separate images, providing KEC personnel with a view of the entire highway network. Each processor receives four live CCTV video feeds from cameras stationed throughout the highway system. The processors combine the video sources into a quad window image. The processors output these quad images to eighteen Vtron Visionpro 50-inch rear-projection cubes at arranged in a 3 x 6 array for correlated, real time viewing. Each cube provides 1400 x 1050 pixel resolution, more than adequate resolution for displaying four video images without degradation."

Traffic management center operators take full advantage of the 4View processors' versatile image manipulation capabilities. With the simple push of a button on a touch screen controller, operators can also view any of the video feeds full screen, re-size and position each of the video images anywhere on the screen, zoom and pan within an image to focus on a particular area of interest, and switch between a number of pre-set display configurations. Operators can also title each image.

Unlike traditional video quad processors that display each video signal at reduced resolution, the 4View can display all four video inputs at full resolution on screens up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. The improvement in visual quality is dramatic. 4View's advanced artifact-free motion rendering makes it the ideal solution for applications like traffic management. Mr. Park concluded, "The multi-image display wall has become an invaluable monitoring tool. The 4View processor is the ideal display solution, providing excellent image quality, performance, and mission-critical reliability."

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