New MediaWall Video Wall Processor Model Now Shipping

RGB Spectrum’s award-winning MediaWall® V display processor now includes a second, larger chassis and expanded features bringing more flexibility and capability to the product line.

The new Model 550 MediaWall V wall processor offers more inputs and outputs in high definition (HD) and 4K/ultra high definition (UHD) formats.  Input capacity has been doubled to 36 direct sources plus IP inputs.  Increased output capacity supports wall arrays of up to 24 HD/2K displays or up to 12 4K/UHD displays. 

Functionality is further expanded with new switched output modules.  These can take the place of an external matrix switcher, providing up to 18 additional outputs, a convenient, cost-effective way to route sources to other displays, operator control stations, conference rooms, or other downstream devices such as digital video recorders.  Any input can be routed to any number of outputs, providing significant switching flexibility built right into the display processor.

These expanded input and output capabilities enhance RGB Spectrum’s MultiPoint® Control Room Management System (MCMS™) which adds arbitrated KVM control over system resources for the ultimate in control room management.

An optional Application Processor decodes incoming IP streams. IP camera and other H.264 streams at resolutions up to 4K/UHD (3840x2160/30) are decoded on a separate processor embedded in the MediaWall V chassis.  This unique dual-processor architecture guarantees adequate CPU resources to video wall operations while the second processor handles IP decoding.

MediaWall V’s unique architecture combines real-time, reliable processing, with integrated IP and application capabilities, and an intuitive control interface. The result is a video wall processor with unsurpassed power and versatility.

About RGB Spectrum

We design and manufacture video processing, control and display solutions for defense, aerospace, corporate, medical, government, security, education, and industrial applications. Our extensible, secure and powerful video wall processors, multiviewers and AV-over-IP systems are part of visual infrastructure around the world, but most importantly, our products empower you to make better decisions, faster.