MultiPoint KvM Helps Keep the Patients Safe in Their Beds

Recent expansion of a large U.S. hospital has necessitated improvements in its security system. To serve this dispersed, multi-building campus, Corporate Security Services, Inc. in Edison, New Jersey looked to RGB Spectrum technology in its design of a state-of-the-art security operations center. The MultiPoint KvM (MPKvM) was the solution supporting switching and display of graphics and video at resolutions up to 2048 by 1200 pixels, multi-screen displays, and flexible control station architecture for ease of navigation.

Under the MPKvM system, video from five source computers is input to a Linx™ 3200 DVI Matrix Switcher. The switcher routes video to a MediaWall 4500 processor for output on a 2x4 wall of monitors and to three control stations. Operators at the control stations select from fire, elevator, access, and other safety systems.

Control stations can operate in a collaborative mode with multiple users able to display the same content. Users can be assigned view-only access or control privileges on a computer-by-computer basis, with a system for hand-off. When an authorized user is identified and verified at a control station, it is reconfigured with the user's default assigned permissions and privileges.

MultiPoint KvM uses an innovative hybrid approach for display and control. Keyboard and mouse control signals are switched over IP while the video uses DVI switching. This architecture takes advantage of the intelligence inherent to IP, provides high-resolution, uncompressed video and graphics, and keeps network bandwidth demands to a minimum.

Bill McKool, vice president of business development for Corporate Security Services reports a successful installation and a satisfied customer. "After analyzing the client's needs, we looked at a lot of alternatives that could accomplish the goal. We settled on RGB. The systems work together and the pricing was favorable as compared to their competitors. The client couldn't be happier."

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