MediaWall V Video Wall Processor Supports Global Vigilance in Cyber Security Command Center

Trustwave cybersecurity center

The battle against cyber attacks and hacking rages on. Trustwave, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is on the front lines to thwart these incessant cyber threats. Trustwave’s new SpiderLabs Fusion Center is a cyber security command center that tracks cyber criminals, detects when hacks occur and terminates threats. The center’s teams of security experts monitor and detect breaches in real time across the globe. The SpiderLabs Fusion Center is the hub for Trustwave’s ten worldwide security operations centers. It is one of the most sophisticated cyber security command centers in the world.

Titan Electric, an audio-visual integrator in Chicago, equipped the SpiderLabs Fusion Center with an expansive video wall monitoring system powered by RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall® V 4K video wall processor. One of the center’s goals is maximizing collaboration. The MediaWall V video wall allows separate Trustwave units to collaborate and respond from one central location.

Steve Thomas, Lead Design Engineer and Project Manager with Titan Electric selected the MediaWall V processor to meet the center’s mission critical display requirements. Its exceptional image quality allows operators to view visuals with the most intricate detail. The processor displays disparate visual sources in real-time, with no dropped frames.

MediaWall V also offers an incomparable level of operational security. Its embedded architecture resists hacking and tampering, protects against intrusion by malware, and avoids the vulnerabilities that PC-based wall processor systems risk.

The MediaWall V processor receives feeds from internet traffic, cyber attack alerts from around the globe, threat intelligence, local, national and global weather conditions, worldwide news broadcasts, and social media channels. Content displayed includes dark web transaction monitoring, hacking community chatter, and a world map depicting live cyber security attack origination and target points. The processor consolidates these diverse sources and displays them in windows of any size, anywhere on the large 2 x 8 video wall array. Operators can instantly switch input sources and choose from up to 60 customizable, preset display layouts. The processor’s integrated switching capability eliminates the expensive need for additional signal switchers. MediaWall V’s advanced display capabilities include overlapping images, window borders and titles, and pan and zoom, allowing operators to view items of particular interest.

To extend the multi-image visuals from the MediaWall V processor to the large video wall, Titan Electric installed RGB Spectrum’s CAT Linx 2 HDBaseT extenders. CAT-Linx 2 extenders transmit signals of up to 4K resolution over conventional CAT 5e/6 cable to a length of 330 feet. For installation ease and convenience, these extenders have integrated PoH power to supply endpoints over the same CAT5e/6 cable that carries the video and data signals. This eliminates the need for external power connections. A CAT-Linx 2 pair needs only one power supply connected to either the transmitter or the receiver end to power both devices. The extender’s advanced features include HDCP 2.2, Dolby and DTS HD audio support, as well as serial and IR control of display devices.

With superior 4K image quality, 24/7 reliability, secure operation, and feature-rich capabilities, RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall V display processor and CAT Linx 2 4K HDBaseT extenders are ideal choices for control rooms, network operations centers, traffic management facilities, and security operations centers, as well as lobby displays and digital signage applications.

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