MediaWall Multi-Screen Controllers for the NYC Office of Emergency Management

New York City Office of Emergency Management

Among the devastation from the terrorist attacks on September 11 was the destruction of the headquarters for the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Given the opportunity to build a new headquarters, city officials knew that, in the words of Commissioner Joseph Bruno, "New York City is at the forefront of emergency management planning" and it needed a facility that "will continue to move NYC forward."

In meeting this objective, the new OEM headquarters located in Brooklyn became an architectural and audio-video masterpiece.

The OEM Head Quarters contains numerous AV-equipped training, conference, press briefing and meeting rooms. However, the most sophisticated technology and architectural design can be found in the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and the Watch Command Center.

Watch Command Center

The Watch Command Center is a 24x7 station that uses dispatch systems and agency communications to monitor emergency activity throughout New York City. Watch Command provides first responders with necessary communications and logistical support during major emergencies.

The central display configuration for the Watch Command area, located in a portion of the building with severe vertical limitations and rooftop airhandlers directly above, consists of five side-by side 61" DLP rear projection units operating together as a unified display surface. A RGB Spectrum MediaWall® 2000 processor allows numerous video, broadcast and computer generated images to be displayed in user controllable sizes and positions across the entire screen surface. On each side of the central display configurations are two 42" plasma displays. Audio coverage is provided by eleven ceiling speakers.


After an emergency is identified in Watch Command, OEM declares an activation, the EOC is the central location where upwards of one hundred first responders from city, state and federal agencies gather to plan and execute response efforts. At the center of the EOC is a large uniquely-designed two-sided rear-projection enclosure. Fondly named "The Scoreboard", by the project team, each side of the enclosure contains two 160" diagonal rear-projection screens. Inside the enclosure are four (one for each screen) 8000 Lumens projectors in a 16x9 format. Two RGB Spectrum MediaWall 2000 multi-image processors allow a variety of video, broadcast and computer images to be displayed simultaneously across the screen surfaces, aiding emergency workers in situation analysis, monitoring, and resolution.

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