MediaWall 4200 Processors Drive Spectacular 90-Foot Wall at Kentucky Health Center

UK Healthcare Celebrate Kentucky

The University of Kentucky Health Care Center's immense new "Celebrate Kentucky" multimedia wall offers patients and employees an ever-changing, complex snapshot that amplifies the center's care for spiritual and emotional well-being beyond physical health. The Lexington center's wall is a ninety-foot, thirty-two screen visual spectacle commemorating life in Kentucky. The wall operates 18 hours a day, 365 days a year and features images and videos of people, places, animals and life from the microscopic to natural vistas. Local photographers and filmmakers refresh a constant stream of content for the high-impact wall.

"We were looking for a way to make a spectacular visual statement," said Tim Broekema, project creative director, "and that meant making sure we had the latest cutting-edge display technology available."

RGB Spectrum technical partner PGS Systems of Louisville, KY, designed and installed a display engine using five MediaWall® 4200 video wall processors that feed thirty-two Samsung forty-two inch LCD panels. In addition, seventy-six Duratrans forty-two inch rear-lit transparency enclosures are integrated with the LCD screens to create a 90-foot wide by 9-foot high display wall. With high-resolution photographic transparencies on display, the quality of the videographic images needs to be at its best.

"RGB Spectrum was selected based on overall image quality, configuration and adjustment capabilities and reliability under heavy use." According to Al Kirby of PGS Systems, "We worked closely with Solid Light, Inc., the project's exhibit design/ media production firm to create a solution that met both the physical requirements of the space and maintained the level of quality the media demanded."

Synchronized video playback is provided by an Alcorn McBride Digital Binloop HD eight-channel digital video player which is connected HDMI-to-DVI to the MediaWall 4200s. The outputs from the MediaWall 4200s are encoded for UTP transmission via Magenta Research HD-ONE digital video extension kits.

System control is provided by an AMX NI-3100 Netlinx Integrated master and NXV-300 Modero Virtual Touch Panel. System Power On/Off and Playback are fully automated per a user-defined schedule. The system's electronics are located in the lower level of the facility and are housed in a Middle Atlantic MRK-4436 equipment rack provisioned with an RM-LCD-PNLK rack mount LCD panel, an RM-KB pull-out keyboard and a UPS-2200R uninterruptible power supply.

"One of the major design concerns was maintaining the image quality of video moving across large areas and multiple displays," Kirby said. "The MW 4200s allowed us to make fine adjustments to the mullion settings and window configurations to precisely fit the video playback to the displays. This resulted in a huge time savings and allowed the video editor to concentrate on the content."

RGB Spectrum video wall processors serve in sundry applications from control rooms to emergency operations centers to astonishing public displays such as the UK Health Care Center. Each installation demands extremely high quality and reliability. MediaWall processor is the preferred solution when there is a demand for the very best fit, ease of installation, exceptional value, unfailing image quality and worry-free operation.

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