MediaWall 1500 Provides Visual Impact for House of Worship

The Sagamore Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas, visually lifts its worship services to a higher level. An RGB Spectrum MediaWall® 1500 display processor orchestrates the presentation of an inspiring set of graphics, text and video for every event. The result is a visual presentation system that enhances the worship service. The system was designed and installed by RGB Spectrum's technology partner Electro Acoustics.

A broad portion of the front wall of the church is illuminated by two Panasonic projectors with edge blending, with the MediaWall processor providing the requisite overlaps for the edge blend. The MediaWall 1500 serves up full-screen and windowed images from broadcast sources, DVD players and Apple Macintosh computers. In addition, an IMAG (image magnification) video camera presents a larger-than-life view of the pastor and participants. Keynote software from Apple Computer delivers the rich backgrounds, text and graphics presentations completing the system. An AMX touch panel control system directs the various systems for a smooth, professional live service.

A key factor in equipment selection was ease of operation. "We wanted a solution that would give us flexibility in presenting our message while being easy enough for non-technical volunteers to operate." stated Billy Taylor, pastor of the Sagamore Baptist Church. "We wanted to blend together multiple inputs and put them up on a big screen but, just as important, we did not want to stretch the images. The MediaWall 1500 was able to adjust the size of the images to keep them in the proper aspect ratio."

Once in operation, the MediaWall 1500 delivered on its promise of quality and ease of use. Church member volunteers easily learned to run the system and with inspiring results. "In the end" Taylor said, "the MediaWall did what we wanted it to do."

About RGB Spectrum

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