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catheterization lab

A new catheterization lab in a leading medical center brings together a host of advanced video and medical equipment to ensure each heart patient receives effective diagnosis and treatment in the quickest time possible. The objective is simple: clear blockages in under 90 minutes from the time a patient arrives. Achieving that objective requires highly trained surgeons and medical personnel, who rely on RGB Spectrum equipment to provide flawless image processing and enhanced control capabilities.

The process involves cameras that are inserted into the femoral artery; the camera is threaded through the arterial system that supplies blood to the patient. X-ray pictures are then taken and diagnosed. If a problem is found, interventional techniques are applied and monitored. The entire process is monitored and controlled live using RGB Spectrum's SuperView® 4100 Multiviewer with SinglePoint™ KvM.

The SuperView 4100 multiviewer enables medical personnel to view a variety of sources including diagnostic imaging equipment, catheterization devices, surgical light cameras, endoscopic cameras, computer servers, and network stored images in up to 8 windows on a single display.

SinglePoint KvM functionality on the multiviewer allows control of any source displayed; for example, to recall imagery and data from a patient's files. This kind of functionality can facilitate decision making - in this case, life saving decision making.

Equipment used in such critical conditions must be able to operate in real time, 24/7, with no dropped frames - RGB Spectrum products are built to deliver mission critical performance for such demanding conditions. Other features of the SuperView 4100 include window labeling and borders, smooth scaling, panning, and zooming.

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