Leading Internet Firm Enhances Enterprise-Wide Communications with Zio Video-over-IP Technology

Business directory service in-office meeting

A leading business directory service headquartered in San Francisco, California is experiencing significant employee expansion. This growth is requiring the company to devise ways to improve enterprise-wide communications and productivity.

Previously, a bevy of PCs were used throughout the organization to distribute digital signage content. However, management of so many PCs became a problem as the firm's communication requirements grew. The company sought an enterprise-wide Video-over-IP solution that would be IT friendly, support remote device management, and deliver content to displays and video walls throughout its headquarters and remote facilities. The solution was RGB Spectrum’s innovative Zio® Video-over-IP technology.

The Zio family of products are a fully integrated, enterprise-wide networked video ecosystem for LANs, WANs and mobile networks. It offers both signal distribution and display to connect global offices, campuses, and remote personnel.

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RGB Spectrum’s Zio enterprise-wide Video-over-IP solution delivers content to displays and video walls throughout the business directory service firm’s San Francisco and Arizona facilities.

The company deployed Zio’s unique technology in its San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona offices.

The firm also recognized that Zio’s scalable architecture also meets its expansion plans to add video resources in the future.

Zio codecs distribute on-demand digital signage content including internal corporate communications, visitor messages, live video teleconferencing, web content and dashboards. Streamed content can be routed and displayed as single images or multi-windows on screens or on video walls.

A company spokesperson concluded, "RGB Spectrum's Zio platform enables our company to solve our digital signage requirements with a system that can accommodate a wide variety of signal types, so that we can easily add and combine resources. That flexibility allows us to use the system in a wide variety of spaces, mixing and matching video resources at will."

Zio encoders handle signals up to 4K 60Hz resolution. Bandwidth-efficient compression delivers streams over standard, cost-efficient 1Gb Ethernet infrastructure.

The Zio ecosystem encompasses third-party hardware and software, including cameras, mobile phones, smart displays, and software apps. At its core is a control system that manages RGB Spectrum’s own components and third-party hardware. The system also offers scripting for control of other connected devices, such as room lights and monitors, using the industry-standard Python scripting language.

Operation is remarkably easy. An intuitive GUI features live video thumbnails and simple drag-and-drop operation. The system can also be managed by its built-in GUI and by third-party control devices, providing multiple points of control.

Zio Video-over-IP is robust. It offers a distributed control architecture that doesn’t rely on a single-point-of-failure server, providing reliability as well as cost savings.

No other Video-over-IP solution even comes close.

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