Helena Police Department Finds Car 54

If you're old enough, you remember the 1960's television sitcom "Car 54 Where are You?" or any other cops & robbers show through the 1990's, where police cars had to radio their locations to a dispatch center.

Fast forward to now. The Helena, Montana Police Department upgraded its 911 Dispatch Center by installing a new system based on Global Positioning System tracking. Dispatch Center personnel monitor all law enforcement, fire department, and emergency services radio traffic. They are responsible for routing and dispatching all incidents and emergency calls received by the dispatch center. An RGB Spectrum Linx™ 8x8 DVI Switcher provides the flawless, dependable switching this system requires to function properly.

Each emergency response vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking device that relays its location to the dispatch center where it is overlaid on a projected map. When a call is received, the dispatchers can see the location of all the vehicles as well as other pertinent data. This allows the dispatchers to contact and assign the closest available assets.

Four computer workstations generate maps, GPS points, weather information and images from road-side cameras. The computer output signals are connected to the Linx 8x8 switcher and routed to two 1400x1050 Optima projectors. Any of the four computer sources can be assigned to one or both projectors. The Linx's Total EDID Manager's™ sophisticated abilities handle the switching without "Hot Plug" events causing graphics card shutdowns or other EDID issues. In addition, the integrated Web Control Panel and front panel touch screen provide all the control needed for set-up and operation. The touch screen allows the user to select one of the unit's 100 available presets as well as creating input-to-output cross points. .No third party control system is needed.

The system has been installed and operating for almost one year, running 24/7. As Capt. Dave Jeseritz stated, "The system does everything we want and has been very reliable. It's important to us that budget money is spent wisely on things that work like they are supposed to."

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