Galileo Makes a Striking Impression in Gray Television’s Corporate Headquarters

Gray Television, Inc. recently completed an AV project in the reception lobby of its corporate headquarters that features a video wall utilizing RGB Spectrum’s Galileo Display Processor. The Galileo processor enables Gray Television to display content for employees and visiting clients, customers, and dignitaries alike. Trending news and videos are presented, and the online media statuses of Gray Television and its clients are monitored daily on the 46” panels of the video wall. The wall is also used to showcase corporate videos, as well as other promotional videos. Additionally, the system doubles as video support for all-hands meetings at the headquarters.

The Galileo processor provides Gray Television with the technology to see multiple stations’ on-air broadcast feeds simultaneously in real-time. The Galileo processor routes sources, such as media playback from a PC in addition to live broadcast videos from Gray Television’s stations around the nation, to the video wall for display. The PC runs recorded media content produced especially for the space. Control for the new system, which was installed by Avyve, is managed through a custom-programmed touchpanel interface and an iPad app.

The system delivers the coverage, clear and color-accurate image quality, and artifact-free image reproduction on the video wall that Gray Television requires. The company rated the Galileo display processor excellent in all facets, including image quality, performance, and reliability. Best of all, RGB Spectrum’s solution “gives customers and visitors a striking first impression when walking into the reception area” of Gray Television’s corporate headquarters.

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