Extending Mobile Health Care in Shanghai

Shanghai Center for Disease Control (SCDC)

The Shanghai Center for Disease Control (SCDC), established in 1998 as a consolidation of seven public health institutions, provides, among other services, high quality health care and disease control. The SCDC has established a fleet of mobile health care units which deliver medical services and support to residents that live in and around the Shanghai area. The command vehicle of the Mobile Laboratory for Disease Control is outfitted with RGB Spectrum's SuperView 5000 Multiviewer, which provides health care professionals and administrators with a comprehensive view of multiple sources of information.

The command vehicle is the core platform through which all mobile communications are coordinated. Used primarily by the SCDC's Immunization Team, this vehicle serves as the command center from which operators can direct mobile health vehicles to provide field treatment of patients. In addition, it serves as a meeting room where doctors and administrators discuss public health strategies and initiatives, as well as make crucial time-sensitive decisions in crisis situations.

The SuperView multiviewer is configured to display six signals in user-defined windows on a 65" monitor. Accommodating a mix of analog RGB and video signals, sources to the multiviewer include mobile cameras, epidemic assault vehicle cameras, 3G cameras, maps and GPS information, video conferencing signals from the China Health Bureau command center, as well as signals from local PCs. The multiviewer composites any six of these inputs into a single multi-window output for display.

The simultaneous display of multiple sources of information improves situational awareness and enhances the ability of operators to make critical health-care mobilization decisions. The multiviewer's portability and compact size allowed it to be installed in the command vehicle, and its outstanding reliability in demanding environments is another major advantage.

Insease Technology, the design company that installed the system, had high praise for the multiviewer. "The decision to select RGB Spectrum's products was definitely the right one," observed Qi Xie, the lead Design Engineer on this project. "This mobile unit project required high image quality, reliability, intuitive functionality, and vibration resistance, which were all key success factors. RGB Spectrum's SuperView multiviewer provided the excellent functionality and reliable quality that we needed, and our client is very satisfied with the product."

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