Enhancing Security Systems Monitoring

A leading provider of secure global commerce solutions for financial institutions, merchants and customers around the world recently opened a new Security Fusion Center designed to enhance the ability of its operators to monitor both internal security systems and customer accounts. RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall 4200 Display Processor is a key component of their solution.

During a recent upgrade, the company specified the need to enhance their monitoring capabilities. Previously, operators viewed accounts and alarms on individual workstations, which limited their ability to analyze and display large amounts of information. They needed a more comprehensive solution to enable the simultaneous visualization of all threat reporting systems.

The integrator of the project, Tech Systems, Inc., designed a new system to improve situational awareness and enhance the ability of operators and supervisors to manage the security system collaboratively. The cornerstone of the system upgrade was a 2 x 4 array of thin bezel LCD monitors controlled by a MediaWall processor, enabling the collective display of multiple signal sources on a centralized, shared video wall.

At any time, 2-3 operators at the Center are logged onto multiple workstations that monitor various internal systems, surveillance cameras, and reporting tools. Inputs to the video wall via the MediaWall processor include signals from these PCs and information from a Corporate Server, which provides customer account information and access to news and other relevant broadcasts. In addition, operators can display mapping and GPS applications.

The MediaWall processor configures up to 12 of these signals in windows that can be displayed in any size and position on the 8 screen video wall. Individual images can be enlarged to fill the screen, or panned and zoomed to enhance detail and enable analysis. The processor supports a wide range of input resolutions, and processes them into high resolution outputs that enhance both text viewing and operator awareness.

Operators have two methods for controlling the video wall: the processor’s embedded Web Control Panel for setup and a BP-16 button panel to quickly access preset window layouts. The MediaWall processor’s simplified control options provide operators with real-time access to a variety of visual resources. System administrators have been pleased with the ease of use, signal quality, and the reliability of the processor since installation.

The security solution provided by the MediaWall processor is secure, flexible and cost-effective, and offers operators and supervisors a real-time, detailed, and in-depth view of customer accounts and potential security issues.

About Tech Systems

Since 1987, Tech Systems has been a leading provider of enterprise electronic security systems. Tech Systems provides design, integration, and maintenance solutions for security, compliance, liability prevention, and asset protection. With the convergence of logical and physical security, its Network Services Group provides complete solutions for people, processes, and technology.

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