Emergency Communications at Saint Louis University

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the state of Missouri experiences over 30 tornados every year that can cause devastating loss of life and property. During extreme weather conditions, the ability to issue early notifications is a crucial part of minimizing risk and ensuring public safety.

With this aim in mind, Saint Louis University and TSI Global began installing digital signage on the campus to enhance the emergency communications system and provide early warnings to students and faculty about serious weather conditions. Over the past five years, the university has added video walls and expanded the signage system into a campus wide audio-visual network that allows emergency information to be distributed to classrooms, auditoriums, residence halls, lobbies and the student union building.

As part of this system, RGB Spectrum's MediaWall 1900 Display Processor is used to control outputs to a large video wall, a 3 x 6 array of 46 inch LCD monitors, located in The Reinhart Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning. The video wall is divided into two 3 x 3 sections, and the monitors are daisy chained so that each output from the processor can be scaled over the nine monitors. Inputs displayed on the wall include X20 Media System channels, media content and lecture material from PCs, DVR security cameras, video feeds from news and weather channels, an HDTV tuner, and Blu Ray players. The MediaWall processor composites four of these input signals into two outputs which are routed to the two sections of the video wall for display.

TSI Global and Saint Louis University chose the MediaWall processor because of its flexibility, reliability and ease of use. It allows up to eight source windows of any size or configuration to be displayed on the video wall, all without compromising signal clarity. In a crisis situation, the processer can display real-time inputs to support emergency decision-making. Signal integrity remains continuous even when operators switch sources or reposition windows. Operators are able to change sources and window layouts quickly and easily using a Crestron touch screen and preset configurations.

Incorporating a MediaWall processor into the university's audio-visual system allowed the integrator to replace costly and inefficient projectors with LCD displays, which resulted in substantial cost savings, better image quality, and fewer maintenance issues. In emergency situations, RGB Spectrum's renowned reliability ensures that the processor will effectively display communications and updates in real-time.

Since the installation in November, 2012, both the client and the integrator have been happy with the performance of the MediaWall processor, particularly the high-resolution clarity and flexibility of the system. "Very pleased with the project," says Paul Murdick, president of TSI Technology Solutions. "Technically, graphically and, most of all, the client is happy."

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