DAYSA Digital and Analog Combiner Makes Toggling Between Signals Easy


Linx CrossXFormat switchers allow connection of both analog and digital sources to the same DVI-I input channel. This capability can be exploited by linking one of each source type to the switcher, with one or the other active at any time. In a conference room, for instance, one participant can link in with a laptop's RGB connector and another with a DVI signal, no matter what seat they take. Using this approach can mean a lower cost for installation, as it reduces the number of input channels required on the Linx switcher and requires fewer cable runs.

RGB Spectrum offers a custom cable, the DAYSA, that enables toggling between two inputs simply by pressing a button on a standard control panel. The DAYSA can be used at the switcher location or at the conference table and extended via a DVI-I cable running the combined signal.

The DAYSA is wired to properly support EDID and hot plug and is highly recommended. Third party cables may not be and in certain cases can even cause damage to the switcher.

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