Corporate Presentation Room Provides Versatile Information Hub for Palmet Energy

Palmet Energy, A.S., a large energy company in Turkey, engaged in power generation and natural gas production, installed a new presentation room in its corporate Istanbul headquarters. Palmet Energy used Turkish audio and visual systems integrator Avkom Systems on the installation.

Palmet Energy required both great visual display capability and the ability to display maps, PowerPoint® presentations, spreadsheets and industrial diagrams. Avkom started with evaluating options that could provide the necessary picture quality necessary for executive decision-making in a multinational industrial concern. They chose RGB Spectrum to supply the video wall components of the presentation room.

Versatility and ease of use were essential considerations. "The capability of easily generating picture-in-picture (picture overlay) and repositioning images at will, anywhere and at any size was essential to portray the complex visualizations of energy research and production," stated Mr. Burkan Eker, project coordinator at Avkom Systems.

The wall comprises 40 LCD panels, comprising a central array of 24 panels and two extensions of 8 panels each, a visually exciting configuration. The approach to the video processing is also rather interesting, combining the control and scaling of the MediaWall 4200 processor with the internal scalers of the panels themselves. Each of the eight outputs from the video wall processor feeds up to six LCD panels. The result is an extremely cost effective solution. The hybrid architecture sacrifices some resolution in a theoretical sense, but a wall array of this size is meant to be viewed from a distance and the additional resolution would not be viewable. "This is an example of an integrator doing his homework to achieve excellence within a realistic budget," said Sylvain Renouil, Southern Europe Sales Manager of RGB Spectrum.

Post installation, reported Eker, the client was delighted with the versatility, image quality and system performance that RGB provided. "As a multinational company that needed to communicate on high-stakes, highly technical projects, Palmet Energy required high-quality communications technology," said Eker. "For us as an integrator, reliability and ease of set-up were also important. RGB Spectrum delivered on all counts."

About Avkom Technology

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About Palmet Energy

Palmet Energy's principal operating sectors are in natural gas and power generation. It operates extensively in the natural gas sector where it owns two city gas distribution licenses outright. It has its own licensed gas wholesale trading company and also is very active in the provision of EPC services and gas network support operations. In the power sector it has rapidly developing interests in wind, hydro, power generation and also now has its own gas-fired combined cycle power plant. For more information on Palmet, check:

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