A Broad Range of RGB Spectrum Equipment Supports San Francisco Wastewater Enterprise Security Operations

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is responsible for water, wastewater, and municipal power services to San Francisco. Under the auspices of the commission, the SF Wastewater Enterprise processes 85 million gallons of sewage a day during dry weather and over 500 million gallons on rainy days through 1000 miles of pipe and 8,500 control and monitoring loops. Two treatment plants operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Methane captured during the processing of sewage is used to generate 30% of the total energy used by the treatment plants.

As part of one of the largest municipal water system improvement programs in the nation, the Wastewater Enterprise chose RGB Spectrum video technology for its security operations center. Sourced by surveillance cameras, satellite news feeds, and computers that line the walls of the center, a Linx 3300 CrossXFormat switcher distributes video and graphics to a MediaWall 4500 display processor which feeds the 3x4 wall of NEC monitors. A SuperView 5000 multi-viewer receives the twelve outputs from the MediaWall combining them into a single signal sent to a DGy 201HD for recording and a DSx IP video and graphics H.264 codec for transmission over the internet to remote locations.

From the command center, users can view, manage and record events throughout the San Francisco sewer system. During emergencies, staff from all departments convenes around the conference table to monitor the wastewater system and coordinate operations. At other times, the installation is used for meetings and preparedness drills.

All RGB Spectrum equipment can be controlled over Ethernet through the graphical user interface Web Control Panel of each device or over serial connection (RS-232), allowing operation of the entire system from a single PC or controller. In this installation, ease of use is attained through control of all of the equipment by an AMX Touch Panel.

Visitors to the facility can learn about wastewater collection and treatment through a 2x2 lobby display driven by a MediaWall 2000. Instructional videos and CCTV provide input to up to twelve windows on the wall.

"The integration of multiple RGB Spectrum components with the AMX controller yielded seamless interoperability. Great image quality is maintained throughout changes of source format, resolution, configuration and size," reported Chris Tarrice, project integrator with VMI in Sunnyvale, California. "RGB support from the design phase through post- installation is exceptional," he continued.

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