Announcing HD-SDI for MediaWall and SuperView

RGB Spectrum today announced it has expanded the capabilities of its industry leading video walls and multiviewers, including the MediaWall® 4500, 4200 and SuperView® 5000 products, through the release of an HD-SDI Input Module. This module offers an additional input source interface, opening up display capabilities for television broadcast sources as well as serial digital graphic networks. HD-SDI is especially inportant in certain international markets. Other dual interface modules available for these products include the RGB/DVI Dual Input Module and the Multi-format Video Dual Input Module.

The HD-SDI Dual Input Module complies with the SMPTE 292 interface standard. The module currently supports a maximum clock rate of up to 1.5Gb/s. Through the use of standard YPbPr, 4:2:2 color space and 8 bit per component sampling, this new input module addresses a wide variety of serial digital sources. Additionally, automatic cable equalization enables a maximum cable length of 200 meters for 1.485GHz.

The module will be available with native support for the following resolutions:

  • 1280x720P/60 and 59.94 Hz
  • 1920x1080i/50 and 59.94 Hz
  • 1920x1080PsF/24 Hz
  • 1920x1080P/23.98, 24, 25 Hz

RGB Spectrum® is a leading designer and manufacturer of videographic and multimedia hardware subsystems. Products include the View™ family of video windowing systems, the RGB/Videolink® line of scan converters, the Linx™ DVI Matrix Switchers, the DGy™ digital recording system, Quadra® DVI universal scaler and synchronizer, SynchroMaster® keyers and overlayers and ComputerWall® and MediaWall® multi-screen display controllers. RGB Spectrum is based in Alameda, California, and can be reached at 510-814-7000 and on the internet at