Advanced Surgical Training at the Pikos Institute

Trinity, Florida, the Pikos Institute

Located in Trinity, Florida, the Pikos Institute provides comprehensive training for dentists, oral surgeons and peridontists. The facility includes a new auditorium, exhibit area, administrative rooms and a specialized suite for dental implant surgery. This advanced training environment uses live patient teaching methods supported by high-resolution imagery, and RGB Spectrum's MediaWall® 1900 processor is a vital part of this remarkable system. During live surgical procedures, group training of up to 40 people can take place in the auditorium. Here, images can be magnified on screen, computer sources can be displayed, and presenters can address multiple groups. Effectively, the facility offers modern surgical training, either live or via videoconference, for doctors, surgeons, faculty members and guest speakers.

The MediaWall 1900 processor was installed in September, 2012 by system integrator AVI-SPL. The product provides the Pikos Institute faculty with the ability to display up to four simultaneous windows in real time, with no dropped frames, at the highest resolution possible. For sources, users can select between a podium PC, laptop, two HD inputs, a LifeSize® videoconferencing codec, a document camera, and Vaddio HD cameras in the operatory. Control is provided by Crestron touchscreen interfaces and a custom Crestron iPad application. The system also includes two Panasonic ceiling-mounted DW-6300 WXGA projectors, arranged in a 1X2 blend on a 6' x 18' Da-Lite front projection screen. The key factor in the selection of the MediaWall 1900 was flexibility. The Pikos Institute required a system that could "window" and position sources at different screen resolutions, with very little setup and extremely simple operations - and the MediaWall 1900 was the ideal solution. In combination with the Crestron control system, the MediaWall 1900 enables presenters to focus on content and ideas, rather than on how to operate the technology.

"The MediaWall 1900 provided the functionality we were looking for - functionality that was not available in a traditional presentation system processor," said Mark Robinson, Pikos Institute Director of Technology. "The CEO, Dr. Michael Pikos, is extremely pleased with the installation, and how easy it is to operate and control the elements during a presentation." Rebecca Criswell with AVI-SPL in Tampa commented on the Pikos Institute project. "We turned to RGB Spectrum because the customer had very demanding goals that needed to be met in multiple areas of functionality," noted Criswell. "The MediaWall 1900 was the perfect fit for the application. It demoed flawlessly, it installed easily, and it solved many challenges that the customer required us to meet. I am very pleased with the outcome."

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