Transportation Center

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Transportation Center
Southern California Transportation Center
Torrance Transit Center Video Wall by RGB Spectrum


The new Mary K. Giordano Regional Transit Center in Torrance, California, is a new state-of-the-art facility that serves as a multi-modal transportation hub for the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. It is a connection hub for major Torrance Transit routes and other regional transit agencies. Torrance Transit has been an integral part of the community – serving the needs of South Bay residents – for over 82 years. It was time to expand operations and revamp facilities with innovative design and functional space to help travelers get from one point to another.


To educate and entertain visitors, The Transit Center installed two large outdoor video walls (about 15 feet high by 30 feet wide) using Daktronics’ 5.9-millimeter LED displays. The video wall keeps the public informed on transit schedules and news; it also highlights local artwork to bring some creativity to the space and shares important community messaging. Transportation schedules are displayed in real-time along with local news feeds and other relevant content. The video wall displays mass transit and public transport information to guide travelers as they embark on their journeys.