Emergency Operations Center

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Emergency Operations Center
Contra Costa County
Contra Costa County EOC


The EOC serves as a command center in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. Its role is to improve emergency response, including the mobilization of municipal, county, and private resources.


The solution was a combination of RGB Spectrum’s Galileo display processor coupled with its Zio Video-over-IP platform; chosen for their 24/7 reliability, support for diverse signal sources, ability to disseminate information to local and remote locations simultaneously, and exceptional 4K image quality.

At the core of the Emergency Situation Room is a massive 32’ wide by 14’ high video wall powered by a Galileo video wall processor. The large video wall comprises forty-eight 55-inch LCD screens in an 8-wide by 6-high array, flanked by four 86-inch auxiliary displays interspersed throughout the room.