Houston Command & Control Experience Center

Houston Command & Control Experience Center

RGB Spectrum is pleased to announce its new Command and Control Experience Center in Houston, TX. At this state-of-the-art facility, AV and security system integrators, energy company representatives and consultants can try out RGB Spectrum’s solutions for mission-critical control environments, and test their own applications on a live video wall. In partnership with iNetworks, ITAL D and Sharp Electronics, the center allows visitors to experience first-hand the power and ease-of-use of our versatile control room solutions.

The focal point of the Experience Center is RGB Spectrum’s MultiPoint® Control Room Management System (Enterprise MCMS), a configurable architecture for managing visual information in control rooms and operations centers. Enterprise MCMS is a complete hardware and software system. It consolidates control of multiple systems and enables operators to share arbitrated keyboard/mouse control over connected resources. Our Linx Matrix Switcher is used to route video signals between sources, workstations, and the display wall, while our MediaWall® processor adds ultra high resolution visualization capabilities.

Our patented EDA technology uses a one-way communication system to provide an “air-gap” that keeps source computers and system resources separated from both operators and from each other. This “air-gapped” level of security protects sensitive data from external tampering and network threats like malware and viruses.

The Experience Center includes a 2x2 video wall of 60” displays plus two multi-monitor operator workstations. This setup can be configured to replicate a variety of real-world applications. Customers can test drive the intuitive Enterprise MCMS graphical user interface (GUI) under conditions similar to their actual work environments. Content is provided by three rack-mounted workstations, media servers, and a satellite receiver so that customers can display high-definition imagery related to various mission-critical environments. To get a realistic sense of how the system operates, visitors are also encouraged to bring in their own applications so they can see how these perform with the Enterprise MCMS system.

To demonstrate the system’s remote control capabilities, RGB Spectrum has created a broadband video link between the Houston Experience Center and our Alameda Headquarters using our VDA remote desktop adapter. VDA connectivity allows an operator at a Houston workstation to remotely control and view the Alameda demo room’s MCMS system including all of the video content from that system.

“Enterprise MCMS impresses everyone that comes in to try out the system” remarked Robert McInnis, RGB Spectrum Regional Sales Manager for TOLA – Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Alabama. “It provides unified operational control, bringing together dissimilar platforms and processes. Our new facility shows customers how easily that can be achieved.”

The facility is hosted by iNetworks and staffed full-time by iTAL D personnel. Sharp Electronics is the manufacturer of the video wall monitors.

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