Command and Control Room Solutions

Command Center and Control Room Solutions

Video walls have an unmistakable impact. They are particularly effective in control rooms and other collaborative environments where groups of people share information, work together, and interact for critical decision making.

Some clients need more than just a pretty picture. They require an audio visual solution that offers decision support, including:

  • Intelligent display of visual information
  • Improved situational awareness
  • One keyboard & mouse controls multiple devices
  • Intuitive graphical user interfaces

Control rooms come in many shapes and sizes and are called by various names - Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center (SOC). We think of a control room as being any information-rich venue where operators and supervisors collaborate to make decisions, whatever its name.

That’s where we come in. We are control room experts.

We Are Control Room Experts

Products & Solutions 

Video Walls

Video wall processors and multiviewers enable real-time, high-resolution display of multiple sources across video walls, projector screens, or a single monitor. Applications include emergency operations centers, control rooms, simulation & training, video surveillance, and other collaborative work environments...

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Control Systems

Control room management solutions enhance collaboration and simplify multi-user control of complex control room display systems in emergency operations centers, control rooms, and other mission-critical applications.

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Video matrix switchers are the backbone of control room and audiovisual systems, routing the outputs of computers and other image sources to display devices located within the same room, or across buildings, campuses, and even around the world...

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Why Choose Us 

Control Disparate Systems

Our MultiPoint control room management system allows the unified display and control of systems that were previously impossible to integrate. This innovative security systems integration platform enables you to consolidate control of your video management systems (VMS), legacy DVRs, access control, life safety, building automation, GIS, call box, and/or any other subsystem in hours rather than weeks or months.


Our intelligent display and control solutions allow video from different systems to be captured, switched, processed, composited, displayed, and controlled, all without the need for costly custom software.

24/7 Reliability

Designed to operate with 24/7 reliability and the highest level of security, our integrated systems are ideal for a range of mission-critical applications such as command centers, surveillance control rooms, police/public safety emergency operations centers (EOCs), fusion centers, and enterprise-level security operations centers (SOCs).