RGB Spectrum’s Solutions Go Global with VDA Technology

RGB Spectrum’s Solutions Go Global with VDA Technology

RGB Spectrum is pleased to announce the availability of a new line of products that incorporate its cutting-edge VDATM remote desktop technology.

VDA adapters combine keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) control signals over IP to add powerful remote capabilities to all of RGB Spectrum’s control room management, display processing and signal routing solutions.

Incorporating a proprietary adaptive compression technology, VDA codecs provide excellent high motion video as well as clear text and graphics transmission, far superior to VNC compression. AES-256 and NSA Suite B cryptography enable highly-secure VDA adapters to also protect sensitive data during transmission over public networks.

The VDA line consists of three products:  a Remote Access Control Station (RACS), an encoder and a decoder. Remote Access Control Stations (RACS) work with VDA decoders to add remote operators/supervisors to a control room management system. VDA encoders encrypt and transmit video and graphics signals over a LAN or WAN. Decoder units decrypt these encoded signals to enable operators to view and/or control remote inputs.

RGB Spectrum’s Enterprise MCMS is an innovative control room management platform that combines real-time signal processing with multi-user KVM. VDA encoders and decoders allow the Enterprise MCMS system to include remote sources. The RACS unit works with a VDA decoder to enable remote operators/supervisors at any connected site to have real-time access to, and control over, all system resources. With VDA technology, Enterprise MCMS offers full support for multi-site workflows.

VDA products extend the benefits of remote transmission and KVM control to any RGB Spectrum system that uses MediaWall/OmniWall display processors, Linx/Opto matrix switchers, or SuperView/QuadView multiviewers. With VDA adapters, our full line of products is now IP-enabled. Output signals from these products (even an entire video wall display) can be encrypted and transmitted to remote destinations. 

VDA technology enhances the power and functionality of all of RGB Spectrum’s solutions. To learn more about RGB Spectrum’s new VDA adapters, please visit our website at

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