Enterprise MCMS

Powerful Control Room Management with Enhanced Remote Capabilities

Building on the features of its award-winning MultiPoint® Control Room Management System (MCMS), RGB Spectrum’s Enterprise MCMSTM is an innovative hardware and software platform that integrates disparate systems and provides multi user KVM control over IP (LAN/WAN) without custom software.

Enterprise MCMS uses Video Desktop Adapter (VDA) technology to enable the consolidation of any source, any operator, and now, any site, under the control of one intuitive interface. It combines real-time control room display processing with multi-user KVM over IP and support for remote sources, remote destinations, and remote operators. The secure, collaborative features and powerful IP capabilities of Enterprise MCMS make it ideal for use in mission-critical control room applications such as command and control, debriefing centers, security operations centers (SOCs), emergency operations centers (EOCs), industrial/process control and SCADA system integration.

VDATM adapters utilize a proprietary adaptive compression technology that provides excellent high motion video as well as crystal clear text and graphics transmission, far superior to VNC/RDP compression. Incorporating AES-256 and NSA Suite B cryptography, highly-secure VDA devices also protect sensitive data during transmission over public networks.

The Enterprise MCMS system encodes and transmits video combined with keyboard and mouse signals (KVM) over IP, to provide authorized remote operators/supervisors with real-time access privileges and shared control over any part of the Enterprise MCMS system. In addition, VDA devices allow Enterprise MCMS to control computers anywhere in the world. Simply connect a remote PC, with up to 4 heads, to a VDA Encoder and its signals can be decoded, monitored, and controlled by any MCMS operator, at any site.

VDA’s low latency IP KVM control enables Enterprise MCMS to provide fast response times that support multi-site workflows and remote supervision. A hierarchical system of permissions and priorities allows operators worldwide to share control of equipment, while supervisors can access all system resources 24/7, from any global location.

Powerful remote capabilities combined with superb image quality, sophisticated control arbitration tools, and a highly intuitive GUI make Enterprise MCMS the new industry standard for IP enabled control room management solutions.

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The MCMS Advantage - System Overview
Date: November 22, 2013
Description:This video provides an overview of RGB Spectrum's Multipoint Control Room Management System (MCMS), an advanced system ideal for NOC, EOC, CAC and other control room applications. The system offers a collaborative, multi-user environment for the management of video and data resources, and features user control of those resources via an intuitive GUI. The system also includes KlickSimple™, a secure and flexible KvM control at full HD digital resolutions.

The MCMS Advantage - User Interface
Date: November 22, 2013
DescriptionThis video takes an in-depth look at RGB Spectrum's Multipoint Control Room Management System (MCMS), with a complete tour of the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The video focuses on the GUI's drag-and-drop functionality, source and video wall control, and how "presets" can be easily recalled and utilized. In particular, the video illustrates KlickSimple™, a secure and flexible KvM control that enables users to work with local displays and the video wall itself from a single keyboard and mouse.

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